Features & Benefits


 Economical and Efficient:        Over 35 legitimate exercises can be                                                     done with one Liberty MultiTrainer  

 Works All Fitness Attributes:   Strength, Power, Cardiovascular                                                           Fitness and Balance. 

 Variable Resistance Cables:    These are easy on the joints,                                                                 muscles and tendons, and allow                                                           for measurable improvements in                                                           strength.

 Group Fitness 


The LMT bridges the gap between the benefits of exercise machines and the synergy of group fitness.
Many adults-young and old- prefer to exercise in a group fitness setting.

The LMT makes group programming fun and engaging and increases adherence to exercise programs.

 Mobility and Storage


Moving fluidly in any one direction, the LMT can be easily transported to immobile residents and allow them to exercise in the comfort of their own room.

The LMT can be used anywhere there is free space; exercising outdoors is even an option on nice days.

The LMT makes efficient use of amenity space.  A multi-purpose room can be transformed into "the gym" within minutes. The LMT telescopically retracts for easy storage, freeing up multi-purpose room space.

 Wheelchair Adaptable 


The LMT promotes inclusivity for all Residents to participate in exercise programs.

The LMT allows Residents who are in wheelchairs due to weakness to-strengthen their legs and hips- thereby improving their ability to stand, transfer and walk.

 Risky transfers of immobile Residents to and from their wheelchairs for exercise is eliminated

Both lower and upper body can be exercised from a wheelchair.

Demonstrates to potential Residents and their families that the well-being of all Residents, regardless of their disabilities is equally important.

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