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Sara K.  84 years old

“The Liberty MultiTrainer is really easy to use. I feel stronger and I have more energy. I walk every day and working with the Liberty MultiTrainer improved my walking too.”

Hal S.  79 years old

"Having done weight training in high school to prepare for football season, I was pleased to have the opportunity to work on the Liberty MultiTrainer. It's a versatile machine and I have found it both challenging and fulfilling."


Bill Crysler

Health Care / Senior Living Professional

Canada / Mexico

“I have known Rob Huppée professionally for 15 years.  I have tremendous respect for his level of education and training, professionalism, enthusiasm and unmatched caring for the improvement of seniors’ lives.  His achievement in developing a remarkable multifaceted strength-training aide (The Liberty MultiTrainer) for seniors is an indication of his understanding and skill in addressing the needs of people as we age.  Rob’s unique combination of a strong educational background, caring and humble approach to helping others and a proven track record in the senior living industry – combined with his innovative strength training equipment – is an exciting contribution to the senior living market.”

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