Sara K.  84 years old

“The Liberty MultiTrainer is really easy to use. I feel stronger and I have more energy. I walk every day and working with the Liberty MultiTrainer improved my walking too.”

David B.  67 years old

“The Liberty MultiTrainer really is an ingenious and innovative way to help people like me to exercise.  After my stroke, my right side was too weak for me to use a walker and I needed to use a wheel chair.   The fact that this machine is wheelchair adaptable is a huge benefit!  I was able to work out my whole body seated in my wheelchair.”

Bill Crysler

Health Care / Senior Living Professional

Canada / Mexico

“I have known Rob Huppée professionally for 15 years.  I have tremendous respect for his level of education and training, professionalism, enthusiasm and unmatched caring for the improvement of seniors’ lives.  His achievement in developing a remarkable multifaceted strength-training aide (The Liberty MultiTrainer) for seniors is an indication of his understanding and skill in addressing the needs of people as we age.  Rob’s unique combination of a strong educational background, caring and humble approach to helping others and a proven track record in the senior living industry – combined with his innovative strength training equipment – is an exciting contribution to the senior living market.”

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